Rabbit Defense

Tower defense type games are always popular. They are addicting games which are great to play whether it is for 5 minutes or 5 hours and often come with achievements to earn and maps to unlock. While gameplay is usually very similar between the different tower defense games it is the theme that differs and Rabbit Defense offers up a unique theme to play with.

As you may have guessed, Rabbit Defense is a tower defense game with a unique theme. Unlike other titles that are unique such as Eskimo Defense where your towers look like Eskimos, this game has your standard tower looking buildings, it is the rabbits you are defending yourself against! It is not just rabbits though that are attacking you but various cute looking animals. This cures both your need for playing tower defense games and the need to randomly see gratuitous cute animal violence.

Controls are pretty standard and mimic most other tower defense games. Pick the tower you want to build, pick the spot and build it. You can upgrade all your towers as well to increase their effectiveness. There are also waves of cute animals that have different abilities such as speed or more health.


  • 30 levels within 2 maps
  • Multiple types of enemies
  • Multiple building types
  • Many upgrade levels
  • Multiplayer
  • Cute but violent animals


This game is great so far with the right amount of humor in it. Rabbit Defense isn’t too casual but not overly serious either making it quite enjoyable and really addicting. The graphics are nice, simple 2D graphics with everything being pretty distinguishable and easy to select. When looking for a tower defense game to play on a more casual basis, this title has pretty much all the qualities one would look for.

While this game is only available in a Lite version right now (a pretty complete lite version at that) the developers, Cracked Carrot, are working on more levels and maps and listening to feedback from you, the players, as to how to improve the game. Expect to see the full version soon but if you can’t wait, go grab the Lite version, it’s free!

Developer Website: N/A

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