Rafayel Makes Waves In ‘When Tides Echo’ For Love and Deepspace


The popular Otome ARPG Love and Deepspace is hosting a lovely event called When Tides Echo. Along with handsome guys (we mean Rafayel), stellar costumes, and amazing scenery, you’ll get to take a trip under the sea. They’re also dropping some fresh characters to make ripples in your heart. Keep reading to know more!

What Happens When Tides Echo?

This latest chapter invites you adventurers to meet the extremely talented artist Rafayel. Let me tell you, he’s about to show off a whole new side. He’s also known as the God of the Tides for a reason. Ready your ‘Evol’ powers, because Xavier, Zayne and Rafayel are now packed with special abilities and Memories.

So, basically, When Tides Echo lets you unlock Rafayel as a companion once you collect enough Memory Pairs. Post that you can crack the mystery of the God of the Tides. There are also new combat outfits up for grabs. So, Rafayel’s style is bound to set the Deepspace Hunters’ chat rooms ablaze with chatter.

The event also gives a second round of the Hunter Contest to test your mettle. And if you love collecting cuddly virtual plushies, then you’ll love When Tides Echo! That’s because Fairymare joins the claw machine lineup on April 3rd. The photo booth is also levelling up with a new AR Snapshot feature.

Love and Deepspace’s When Tides Echo kicks off today and runs until April 16th, 2024. There are a lot of treats to collect as well in the new shop packs. Also, the Sea Breeze Echo Event is going down where you can score 3-star and 4-star memories on the house.

Played Love And Deepspace Yet?

Created by Infold Games, creators of the hit series Nikki and Mr. Love, Love and Deepspace racked up over 10 million downloads in just three days during the open beta last year. Ever since its launch, it’s been making players swoon over the handsome men and the gorgeous underwater city of Lemuria.

If you love sci-fi romances with pretty visuals (read: men like Rafayel), then grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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