Rage won’t be coming to Android anytime soon according to John Carmack

John Carmack, Technical Director over at id Software who has developed Rage for iOS, came out today and confirmed that Rage will not be coming to Android anytime soon. This news makes us wonder what the job posting they had up for Android developers awhile back was for if it wasn’t to bring Rage to Android.

John Carmack stated that id Software isn’t working on Rage coming to Android right now or any other game for that matter when it comes to the Android OS. Interestingly enough, the reason for the lack of any id Software titles to hit the Android Market isn’t technical but instead financial.

“When I asked [the crowd at Quakecom] how many people had spent 20 bucks on a game in the Android store, there was a big difference [to iOS].” – John Carmack said. He went on to say when speaking with NowGamer, “You’re just not making money in the Android space as you are in the iOS space.”

While the whole making money issue can be debated for the next year, it is proven that developer can make substantial money on Android if they have a good, original game to offer Android gamers. The funny thing is, there are not games available on the Android Market that warrant a $20 price tag but if there were, people would buy them. The titles that could go for $20 are offered free with in-game purchasing instead, perhaps something id Software should look into.

So what happened to the Android developer they hired? He is currently stuck developing iOS related stuff for id Software. Got to give John Carmack props for at least being straight up with the reason.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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