Ragnarok CRUSH is a Ragnarok match three

Ragnarok M Android

Ragnarok CRUSH is a brand new match three puzzler that takes place in the same universe as the hit PC MMORPG.

You’ll match three gems of Ymir, the symbol of peace in Mirgard, to complete a wide variety of levels.

Ragnarok CRUSH is out now on Android in certain territories

Along the way, you’ll meet new friends from the franchise like savage babe, Deviruchi, and Chostring. We’re not really sure how they plan to help though.

You’ll also face boss monsters that you’ll have to defeat across the 500 different stages. Your ultimate goal is to save King Poring.

You can grab the match three puzzler right now in certain territories, but we’re not sure which. If you can grab it on Google Play, let us know in the comments below so we can help narrow it down.

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