Raidfield 2 is Battlefield on mobile, out now in alpha

Raidfied 2 Android

Raidfield 2 is an attempt to bring the Battlefield franchise to mobile, and you can check it out right now in alpha testing on Android.

It features a shrunken down version of Battlefield’s Conquest mode, with only three points to capture and hold onto. It’s like a much bigger version of the popular shooter mode Domination.

Raidfield 2 features a Conquest mode and a variety of different soldier classes

You can play as one of four different classes: Assault, Medic, Heavy, or Sniper, and get around the battlefield faster in a tank or plane. There’s even turrets if you want to dig into a spot.

There’s a leveling system too, which helps to make things a lot more addictive. There are 150 different character levels, 42 achievements, and 30 different ranks.

You can check out the Battlefield-style shooter on Google Play right now, though bear in mind that this is in an alpha state so may have a fair few issues.

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