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Rainbow Six Mobile Is Here, For Some Countries

Feature image for our Rainbow Six Mobile soft launch news piece. It shows a shot from the beta trailer, of a female character in a tactical headset crouching and opening an orange case.

If you’re hype for the release of Rainbow Six Mobile, but missed a spot in the beta test? Good news! Rainbow Six Mobile soft launch kicks off this week, confirmed in the devlog from the official YouTube channel.

Android gamers in Canada and Mexico will get the chance to pick up the game and try it out, with no need to register beforehand or go through any beta application.

More Territories Expected Soon

Not in Mexico or Canada but desperate to get your hands on the game? Well, don’t despair! Ubisoft has outlined its plans to roll the launch out to more territories in the coming month leading up to the full launch, as the devs continue to tweak the game.

So, what is Rainbow Six Mobile? It’s a mobile tactical shooter with gadgets, defenses, and a destructible environment that sees you working together with up to four other players in five-verses-five online matches.

The game is the latest in the frankly legendary Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise, a series of tactical shooters that kicked off in 1998, with the first title based on, and developed alongside, the 1998 novel of the same name.

Shooters For Strategists

Rainbow Six is a series of shooters that are less about running up to start blasting, and more about using tactics and teamwork to accomplish your goals, and those goals might be a little more complicated than just shooting everyone with a different colored name.

Planning, using your tools effectively, and working as a unit is the key to victory.

Want to join the party and make the most of the Rainbow Six Mobile soft launch? You can head over to Google Play to get ready. If you’re outside the included countries you can still pre-register there, it should give you a heads-up when the soft launch rolls out.

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