Ramageddon has left beta and launched globally on Android

Ramageddon Android

Ramageddon is a multiplayer battler in which you and a bunch of friends play as rams and try and ram each other off the arena.

We highlighted it a few months ago, as it looks like good old fashioned fun. It was in beta then though and now it has released globally on Android.

Ramageddon is a multiplayer arena battler out now

This is a rare instance where the Android version arrives first too, as iOS is yet to get it. So go and give the developer a pat on the back and play it.

So how does it work? Well, you customise your ram from a bunch of faces, horns, and colours then enter an arena where you just dash at each other to knock each other off the arena entirely.

You’ll build up speed the longer you run, so you’ll want to try and play strategically. You’ve also got a stamina bar to worry about, so you can’t just run around endlessly.

There are power-ups to collect, three different maps, and destructible objects to avoid. So head on over to Google Play now and grab this multiplayer battler.

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