Rangers of Oblivion Gets a Massive Update to Celebrate Halloween

GTArcade has just announced a massive new update for Rangers of Oblivion to celebrate Halloween. As you can expect, the update includes a bunch of stuff designed to frighten you.

That includes a bunch of new behemoths, like the terrifying Cinderweb, Magma Devourer, Icespine Kang, Reaper Scorpid, and more

The Headless Horseman Approaches in Rangers of Oblivion

Cinderweb in particular is terrifying, as it’s a brand new giant behemoth. It’s pretty scary seeing them in person.

Also included is updates to the Silver Keep. You can now upgrade to higher level constructions and build new constructions entirely. That includes a stable and gardening union.

Of course, there’s also a Halloween event. It’s called The Terror of the Headless Horseman, and challenges rangers to enter the lost woods and hunt the headless horseman himself.

Successfully do so and you’ll be able to earn a bunch of limited-time rewards and, of course, exclusive Halloween costumes.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out Rangers of Oblivion’s Halloween update.

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