Rangers of Oblivion is Celebrating Chinese New Year With a Special Stage, Hunt Permit Season 2, and Silver Keep Hot Spring

Rangers of Oblivion is celebrating Chinese New Year with a brand new update that introduces a ton of content to your favourite Monster Hunter-like.

There’s a new themed event, which challenges you to defeat enemies wearing pig masks. Why pig masks? Well, because we’re leaving behind the Year of the Pig.

Rangers of Oblivion is Getting a Ton of Brand New Content to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Hunt Permit Season 2 has also kicked off, providing new titles, costumes, pet costumes, and more. It runs up until February 27.

If you’ve been feeling the cold lately, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Silver Keep Hot Spring has opened for business. You can invite your favourite NPCs to take a dip with you, allowing you to foster a relationship.

Developer Yoozo is also teasing a huge expansion to Rangers of Oblivion, which is coming soon. Malheim will get some huge new features including monsters and gameplay types.

So if this sounds like a lot of fun to you, why not head on over to Google Play right now and grab Rangers of Oblivion.

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