Razer opens up beta testing for their wearable technology called the Nabu

Today marks the first official day the door are open for E3 2014 and while yesterday was the official press conference day, today begins where a lot of the news actually comes out of the event. Well-known gaming peripheral maker Razer announced back in the beginning of this year that they were working on some wearable technology of their own called the Nabu. Today the company has announced their plans for beta testing this technology.

For those of you not familiar with the Razer Nabu, this little piece of wearable technology isn’t really related to gaming. Instead this piece of gear is about keeping you up to speed with your daily stuff in regards to your mobile device without having to check it all the time. For example your Razer Nabu will vibrate when you have an incoming notification and you can even check the message on the wristband itself instead of taking your Android phone out of your pocket.

The Razer Nabu will have a utility app that comes with it so you can further customize it. This can range from giving certain notifications priority over other ones to having Nabu compatible applications launching and pretty much everything in between.

Beta Testing sign-ups are now live over on the official Razer Nabu website and if you’re interested in being a part of testing all the aspects of the Razer Nabu, you better hurry and sign-up. Why? There will only be 500 beta testers in this phase. If you do get in, you’ll snag yourself a Razer Nabu for a mere $1 and have the joys of beta testing it.

Official Website: Razer Nabu Beta

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