Razer brings in-game calls and messaging support between Android and PC gamers

Razer and their in-game voice chat software Razer Comms has expanded to include support for VoIP calls and messaging to Android phones from PCs and vise versa. This is all doable from within games with no need to alt-tab when playing a PC game.

Coming in the form of a new app, Razer Comms will allow gamers who have the app installed on their Android devices as well as the PC client installed to make calls and send messages while in-game. This will work both ways as well so while PC gamers can call or send messages to their friend’s Android device, it will also allow gamers to do the same from their Android device to their friend’s PC.

Razer Comms for Android Features:

· Connecting Gamers – Connect with your friends or find new gamers on the world’s largest multi-platform gaming messenger.
· Instant Messaging – Chat away with your friends 1on1 or in groups.
· Free Voice Chat – Make your voice heard with friends on mobile and PC alike.
· No Interruptions – The in-app overlay allows you to handle messages and calls without interrupting what you’re currently doing.
· Stay in the game – SMS-Forwarding and Call Notifications on the PC allow you to stay connected even while you’re in-game.
· Multi-Platform (PC, Tablet or Phone) – No matter your preference. Comms is there.
· Always On – Never miss a message and instantly receive them with push notifications.


This new application from Razer is available for download for both PC and Android devices for free. The PC client is available off of Razer’s website while the Android app is available off of Google Play now.

Google Play Link: Razer Comms

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