Reaching New Heights: Gamelight’s $3M Ad Campaign for Top-Grossing RPG Game

Making a game, however brilliant, can be a waste of time if you don’t know how to show it off. Advertising is essential when you’re sending your darling out into the world, and Gamelight is a specialist at this crucial part of the process. 

We’re about to illustrate exactly how with a handy case study. But first, a bit of background. 

Gamelight is the largest rewarded marketing platform in the world, bringing players and developers together through its self-published game recommendation platform. 

And not just any users. Unlike its cruder rivals, Gamelight uses a unique algorithm to analyze users’ playing time, engagement, competitor engagement, and demographic information, allowing it to find those players most likely to stay for the long haul. 

Because Gamelight has exclusive access to this data, none of its competitors in the space can touch it. 

For example, Gamelight recently partnered with one of the biggest mobile RPG publishers in the world, which allocated a $3m budget to scale one of its titles in the US. Thanks to the Gamelight platform, it hit 150,000 installs in March.

On day seven of the campaign the publisher got 15.5% ROAS (return on ad spend). By day 30 that figure had almost doubled to 28.7%. 

Plus, Gamelight managed to deliver a 410% increase in ARPU (average revenue per user) and a 490% increase in ARPPU (average revenue per paying user) in comparison with traditional promotional channels.


Gamelight’s unique AI algorithm analyzes a ton of different datasets, including not only demographic information and other stuff outlined above, but also patterns of behavior and spending. 

Armed with this formidable arsenal of insights, Gamelight uses machine learning to enhance its AI algorithm.

In the case of the RPG publisher’s game, that led to an algorithm to identify common ground between highly engaged existing users and potential users likely to exhibit the same level of engagement. 

As a result, the publisher not only exceeded its ROAS targets by a massive margin, vastly increasing returns from its existing user base, but it also gained hordes of new, highly engaged players into the bargain. 

There are lots of tough decisions to make when it comes to marketing your game. This isn’t one of them. If the experience of this publisher is anything to go by, Gamelight is an absolute no-brainer.

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