Reader’s Choice: Vote for the Android Game of the Year

So we have been busy compiling a list of the best games to land on Android this year in various gaming genres such as RPG, FPS, RTS, Action, Puzzle and so on. The problem is there have been quite a few excellent games that have landed on our beloved OS that it is incredibly hard to pick one as Game of the Year.

So we have gone the next logical step and have decided to put it up for a vote where you, our readers, will choose the Game of the Year on Android for 2011. We’ve added a handy little poll to vote on below but if you think we are missing a game or want to nominate another one you can just leave a comment below with the game name and, if you know it, the developer as well. So here is our selection of titles for Game of the Year:

Poll Closed

You may be surprised at a few of the titles on there as some have seen problems like Order & Chaos’ security issue or device compatibility issues like Dead Space from EA. However, this doesn’t detract from the fact they are both really solid titles on Android. We will keep this poll live for a few days, tally up the votes after that and announce the winner along with all the other winners in genre specific categories. Our original list for Game of the Year was much larger than ten titles.

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