Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao landed a blow out of nowhere on Google Play

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

Where did that come from? Like one of Pacquiao’s signature blows, Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao launched today on Google Play.

Last time it was themed around Rocky, this time it’s Manny Pacquiao, the one and only eight-division world champion.

Aside from that, this is Real Boxing as you know and love it. You’ll play as Pacquiao in a variety of different modes. There are tournaments, multiplayer bouts, training challenges, and weekly events.

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

You can still create a boxer and deck him out in a variety of professional attire. You’d better hit the gym ASAP though, to increase your stats. How else will you stand a chance?

Rounding it up is an arcade mode that gives you a slice of retro 2D boxing heaven.

Like Real Boxing and love Manny Pacquiao? This is the game for you. Go ahead and grab Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao from Google Play right now for free.

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