Reality Clash, the Pokémon GO-like location based AR shooter, has soft launched in certain territories on Android

Reality Clash Android

Pokémon GO has fresh competition in the form of Reality Clash, an AR multiplayer location-based shooter.

You’ll still wander around the real world gathering resources but this time your goal is to collect guns – not monsters.

Reality Clash is basically Pokémon GO meets Call of Duty

There’s a wide variety of guns to build and customise, and you can use them in real-time multiplayer battles with real opponents.

Across the real world, you’ll see key locations that you’ll have to defend. You can head to these locations at any time and get involved in multiplayer shenanigans.

Using your actual body (and the power of AR) you’ll move, duck, and dodge around the battlefield. You’ll point your phone (which displays your gun) at a real opponent and take fire.

It’s a novel idea. You can check Reality Clash out right now in certain territories on Google Play. As ever, please let us know where you can and can’t download it in the comments below.

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