Realms of Fortune – 3D Rogue-like RPG with first-person combat

Like RPG games but not of the MMO variety? Prefer them in 3D? Well now you can play just that with a new game called Realms of Fortune. Developed by Gamaray LTD, Realms of Fortune strikes out past the typical 2D mold rogue-like RPG games stick to and offers up 3D graphics along with first-person style combat.

Currently in beta form, Realms of Fortune has a lot of potential to become a great rogue-like rpg game for Android. Even though it is in beta, the game already has a slew of features for you to enjoy!


  • Huge game world with dungeons, lakes, hill and more. Each time you play the game it is generated differently.
  • 3D characters and environment
  • First-person combat and exploration
  • Lots of weapons and spells
  • Create potions from plants found in the environment
  • Questing system
  • Firearms, some with scopes. You can even do headshots that do 2x damage!


The developer has big plans for upcoming updates as well including more creatures, fishing, swimming/diving, caverns, underwater dungeons, inventory system, leveling and skills, procedurally generated mini-quests and weapons, meta-game reward system in near future updates. Farther down the road the developer wants to put online co-op play, houses for players to build and much more.

This is a great chance to jump into a game at a beta stage and help by submitting bugs and suggestions as well. All you RPG fans out there might want to give this cool new game a shot. You can pick it up off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Gamaray LTD

Direct Market Link: Realms of Fortune

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