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Rearranging Puzzler A Little to the Left Launching on Android Next Year

A Little to the Left is a pleasant puzzler about putting everything in the right place. Pencils, books, paintings, that sort of thing. It’s the gamification of sorting, basically. And it looks pretty neat. Hahahaha. Neat.

This is definitely for players who like their puzzling on the casual side, but are sick to the back teeth of matching sweet treats in unbalanced ways and occasionally impossible ways.

There’s also a mischievous cat that likes messing things up. Which, really, sounds like every cat ever. Here’s a trailer.

There are going to be 55 different messes to try and clean up, and different possible solutions so you can tidy things the way you want to. The game is set to launch on Switch and PC in August next year, with mobile to follow.

We’ll let you know as and when we hear more about an Android release date, because that’s the sort of thing we do. Right now you can play a demo of the first ten levels on

Via TouchArcade

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