Rebel Cops is a Premium Tactical Shooter Coming to Android in April, Pre-Register Now

Rebel Cops, from developer HandyGames, is an upcoming tactical shooter that sees you playing as a team of maverick cops who are also loose cannons and, presumably also a pain in the chief’s ass.

But dammit they get results. 

The gameplay involves completing tactical missions from an isometric perspective, with an emphasis on stealth and non-lethal methods. 

One Shot Kills

HandyGames promises a mix of terrains, from wide-open spaces to close-quarters alleyway-heavy affairs. The gameplay is sandbox, so you can explore, open safes, find secrets, and so on.

You can also shoot people, and when you pull the trigger it’s for keeps. Enemies don’t have hit points. They just bleed out. 

Rebel Cops is a premium title, with a price tag of $6.99. It’ll be out on April 23rd, but you can pre-register now.

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