Rebels & Rulers MMORPG coming to Android by the end of this year

A rather popular Chinese smartphone MMORPG called Rebels & Rulers will be making it’s way to Android in a fully localized English version soon. Currently sporting around 5 million players, Rebels & Rulers is originally known as Latent Dragon and this will be the first time this MMORPG has broken into the western gaming scene.

Rebels & Rulers is a historic MMORPG in the sense that it is based in Imperial China where you play as a rebel fighter who is battling against the Mongolian rulers of the realm. While you progress through the game you will end up learning five major styles of Chinese Kung Fu of the Yuan Dynasty.

Even though this is a smartphone-based MMORPG, the developer has said to expect a PC-style MMORPG in term of content depth and just overall features. This looks to certainly be true as there are ten classes to choose from, more than 300 different martial arts techniques to learn and a ton of quests to do. Combat is all done in real-time so you will be busting out those ninja skills you’ve been honing over the years. The world itself is rather large, open and completely explorable.

Apparently you will also be able to have allies and, according to the developers, experience “real love and hate” in the game. What they mean by that is completely up in the air. Currently Rebels & Rulers is set to arrive on Android (the full English version) sometime before the end of the year although no specific date has been given.

Developer Website: PlayPhone

Website Referenced: Gamezebo

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