[Updated] Reckless Racing will be arriving onto Android on October 23rd

The next installment into the Reckless Racing franchise will be heading to Android later this month. The last two Reckless Racing games were developed by Pixelbite Studios and released onto Google Play by Polarbit but while Pixelbite will be making Reckless Racing 3, there is no mention of Polarbit publishing it this time. That doesn’t mean that they won’t be publishing it, but for whatever reason it seems like that might be up in the air right now.

Update: October 27th, 2014: Reckless Racing 3 is now available on Google Play. You can pick up a copy through the link below.

Regardless of who publishes what, Reckless Racing is a very popular racing franchise that features a top-down view of your vehicle while you race, almost as though you are racing some Micromachines (if you remember those toys from back in the day). While it doesn’t look like the game will stray too far from what we already expect from a Reckless Racing game, Pixelbite Studios as focused more on streamlining the experience. This means less grinding, better graphics, improved hardware support, and less restrictions.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot more details regarding Reckless Racing 3 right now. We do know it will cost $4.99 when it launches onto Android sometime around October 23rd, 2014. Other than that, we will have to wait until Pixelbite releases more details or the game is actually released to find out more about it. You can check out our past article about Reckless Racing 3 as well for try and dig for additional details.

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