Recover legendary artifacts from a monster-filled labyrinth in Enyo

Named after the mythological goddess of war, and consort of Ares, Enyo is a new war game that treads into the territory of puzzler. In Enyo, players will be assuming the role of the eponymous deity, who embarks on an adventure to retrieve three legendary artifacts that are hidden within an ever changing labyrinth.

Each level of the game is a different portion of the maze, and with the goal of each level being the removal of all the enemies, via indirect means. To wit, players won’t be button mashing, as Enyo is equipped with only a shield, and a grappling hook on the end of a chain (think: Link’s Hookshot, but used exclusively to pull enemies or items towards Enyo). Enyo can throw her shield, or bull rush enemies with it, pull enemies with the aforementioned grappling hook, or jump and stun enemies that are near her landing point.

With the labyrinth’s levels being comprised mainly of lava flows and walls laden with spikes. Enyo will need to find ways to push or pull her enemies into one or the other of these, in order to eliminate them from the level before running out of moves. Combat is turn based with enemies alternating with Enyo. Lastly, the game has two difficulty levels and is roguelike, so the levels for each play through are procedurally generated.

Enyo is available for free from Google Play. The game contains both ads, as well as IAPs, though in this case it’s a single one for removing the ads, and costs $1.99.

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