REDDEN by Team Bulosodeuk is on Sale Now

REDDEN is an action arcade game played in slow motion where you get to relive the memories of old tools. When I say tools, I don’t mean a hammer or saw, instead these tools include a kunai, an arrow and a bullet.

REDDEN – Gorgeous Silhouette-Styled Gameplay

REDDEN tells the story of several tools that have been recycled and repurposed into something more practical. These recycled tools are reliving their former glory days of being a weapon of destruction, and you get to play as their memories.

There are 33 ancient, medieval and modern historical scenes to re-enact. You will need to destroy and avoid certain obstacles just to make it to your target.

Although most of REDDEN’s gameplay is blacked out, it still is a game of beauty and detail. If you’re interested in a cheap copy, then grab one from the Google Play store.

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