Re-fight historic conflicts in Wars and Battles with two new complete wars and multiplayer

Released by Battle Factory SAS, Wars and Battles is a table-top style game for Adroid tablets with turn-based gameplay, and was previously available on iOS. It focuses on two specific wars from the previous century: the Normandy invasion from 1944, and the Yom Kippur War from October of 1973; the latter campaign being just added to the game.

Between the two wars, there are more than fifty scenarios, with additional Advanced Scenarios, full battles, and “what if” scenarios available via IAPs, along with the promise of “further free campaign content”. The gameplay can be facilitated in a 2D/top-down fashion, or in a 3D/miniatures fashion. Pretty much depends on the style you prefer.

Wars and Battles Features:

– Fight, turn-based battles in both 2D and 3D views in impressive visual quality;
– Play quick and full battle scenarios; – Play in solo mode or in asynchronous multiplayer mode with any player in the world at any time;
– Become a strategist with every turn you take and every scenario you complete. Enjoy a progressive experience by upgrading your rank;
– Increase your knowledge of history thanks to extensive historical photos, commentaries and units’ fact sheets;
– 2 battles available, 2 additional battles to be released.

There’s asynchronous multiplayer in addition to the single-player campaigns. Interestingly enough, the campaign for the 1973 war was designed by Pierre Razoux, who is a ” Paris-based Research Director of the French Institute for Strategic Research / Ecole Militaire (IRSEM). As a recognized specialist on the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli Wars, Razoux shared his expertise with Battle Factory”. In other words there should be a decent amount of realism to a degree.

Wars and Battles is available from Google Play for $6.99 for the base game. You can check out the game in action with the trailer below as well as additional screenshots.

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