Refind Self Gives A Personality Test And A Sad Robot Story Combined

Feature image for our Refind Self Android release news. It shows one of the character archetypes: 'The Sage'.

Some games are simple time wasters, others leave you a bit different than you were before they played them. The Refind Self Android release dropped today, and this pensive pixellated walk through the themes of grief and identity might be one of the rare, second kind.

Refind Self is a game about discovering yourself. This applies to the character, but it also might apply to you as the player.

What Will I Do Without You?

You take on the role of a humanoid clockwork robot whose creator has died. Without your maker to guide your life, you’re now faced with the liberating and terrifying prospect of deciding your own path, wherever that might lead.

You can explore the world full of similar sentient machines. Talk to other characters. You can play minigames. You can seek out the truth behind it all. Whatever you do, the progress meter slowly fills, and the playthrough will end when it reaches the top. No time for regrets.

There are no wrong answers. There are no right ones either. You can use your freedom however you see fit. You cannot fail the game, but the choices you make are far from meaningless. In fact, Refind Self aims to tell you something about yourself based on what you decide to do.

A Look In The Mirror

Once you’ve finished a run of the game, Refind Self will present you with a breakdown of what your seemingly impulsive choices say about you as a person.

You will discover which of a number of archetypes most accurately describes you. You may also find out how unusual your choices are. The game shows what percentage of players made certain choices at certain times.

You can even compare your results with friends.. if you’re not too concerned about what it says about you.

Sound like an interesting experience? Check out the Refind Self Android release on Google Play if you’d like to know more.

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