Reigns Developer Nerial is Working on a Game Called Orwell’s Animal Farm

Nerial, the studio behind acclaimed strategy game Reigns, is working alongside The Dairymen on a mobile and PC game based on Animal Farm, George Orwell’s celebrated allegorical story about an animal uprising.

Commissioned to mark the 75th anniversary of the book’s publication, Orwell’s Animal Farm  sees you overthrowing a corrupt regime, founding a republic, and contriving to keep it alive.

If you’ve read the book, which is a satire of Stalin and the Soviet Union, you’ll know that running Manor Farm pretty much makes you the bad guy. While gameplay details are thin on the ground, the game’s Steam listing (it’s not on the Play Store yet) contains the following, highly telling line: 

“You decide which animals are most equal of all”. 

Way to go, you totalitarian monster. 

Orwell’s Animal Farm is being made with the blessing of the Orwell estate, and it’ll be out this fall. 

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