Reigns is getting a Game of Thrones spin-off

Reigns Game of Thrones Android

Here’s something we never knew we really wanted until now: a Game of Thrones spin-off of Reigns.

You can cross it off your bucket list though, as it’s happening. Word came from the official page on Twitter, which teased the project with the image of a map of Westeros in the mobile game’s distinct art style.

You’ll soon sit on the Iron Throne itself when the Game of Thrones / Reigns mashup launches on mobile

How do you think this craziness will play? Will we finally get to sit on the Iron Throne ourselves? Almost certainly.

In the meantime, check out the original Reigns on Google Play right now. Or the sequel, Her Majesty.

Let us know all of your crazy speculations, thoughts, hopes, and dreams in the comments below.

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