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Relic Hunters: Rebels is the Latest Netflix Game on Mobile

The latest subscribers-only game from Netflix has just landed on the Play Store, and it’s another pretty impressive one. It’s a looter-shooter called Relic Hunters and you can play it right now.

The game features four different heroes blasting their way through top-down waves of baddies. You’ll get new bits and bobs to strap to your guns and make them more powerful, then wade out into the chaos all over again.

Like the rest of the Netflix library, so long as you’ve got a subscription you can play the game for free – and there are no ads or IAPs thrown in to annoy you. Here’s a trailer.

The game is a kind of remix of the Switch and PC game Rebel Hunters Zero: Remix, with some new content thrown in here and there. And it looks like the sort of thing that’s going to play brilliantly on mobile.

You can click here to pick up Relic Hunters: Rebels from the Play Store right this second. Like we said, it’s free so long as you’ve got a Netflix subscription. Or someone else’s Netflix subscription password.

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