Renegade Racing is Available for Pre-Registration

Renegade Racing is making its way onto our mobile devices. If you are unfamiliar with Renegade Racing, think of Happy Wheels but with wacky vehicles instead of characters.

Renegade Racing – A Successful Flash Game, Coming to Mobile

What makes this mobile port of a flash game interesting is that they are introducing multiplayer. Compete in online races with up to five other players and climb your way up the arena tiers. Each tier will have new levels, new cars, and new power-ups.

There are 10 crazy cars to collect, including an ice cream truck, a bus, and even a monster truck hearse. There are 16 different power-ups to collect, each of which can be unlocked by completing missions.

If you are interested in Renegade Racing, then you can pre-register from the Play Store.

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