Rescue Christmas for children around in Santa’s Toy Factory, coming soon to Android

Set to drop the week before Christmas, Go Games has announced a new game where players can save Christmas for kids around the world. Specifically, players will be looking to help Santa, as the elves are aging and the toy factory is outdated. With more gifts than ever needing delivery this year, players will help ensure that the presents are all wrapped and out the door on time.

The game features voxel style graphics (think Crossy Road, with everything looking very block-ish), and has your organizing the gifts into the right sections so that they get to the right households. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of additional details right now about this game, but we do have some screenshots and a trailer to check out which does show some of the gameplay.

Santa’s Toy Factory is set to release for free on December 17th, and will be found on both Google Play as well as Amazon’s Appstore. From what we know, there won’t be IAPs either. We will post an update once more details arrive or when the game launches, whatever comes first.

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