RESCUE: Heroes in Action firefighter simulation strategy game will be landing on Android next month

RESCUE: Heroes in Action is an upcoming strategy simulation game that will be arriving next month onto mobile devices. Currently in development by Fragment Production, RESCUE: Heroes in Action is all about saving people as a firefighter before they burn to death horribly. Well maybe it isn’t that gruesome but the goal is to work with your team of firefighters to save before who happen to be in trouble.

Players will be in control of a highly active Fire and Rescue department in a large urban area with the goal of completing missions, most of which revolve around saving people. Missions can range in difficulty and complexity, from saving one person to needing to save a bunch of people from a building that is fully on fire, and putting out fires of course. Gameplay is more tactical-style which means you will be taking turns moving your firefighters around an area in an attempt to rescue people.

You won’t just be using firefighters to save people, players will also have to use the proper equipment, whether that be personal gear or machinery such as ladder trucks and so on. Visually, Rescue: Heroes in Action is fully renders with 3D graphics and the animation looks pretty smooth as well, at least from the trailer which you can check out yourself below.

This game will be landing on Google Play June 18th, 2015. No word on pricing as of yet. We will post an update when it does get released.

Official Website: Rescue: Heroes in Action the Game

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