Rescue your beloved in this Dark Eye adventure game called Skilltree Saga, now on Google Play

Released by Headup Games, Skilltree Saga is a casual RPG that’s now available for Android. The game is set in the Dark Eye universe, specifically on the continent of Aventuria. Players will begin their story with the city of Griffonford being besieged by Sargul and his army of goblins and orks. To compound matters, the the daughter of Baron Griffontrue (your romantic interest) has been abducted, and you will need to take up pursuit in an effort to rescue her.

Players will look to select their desired race from as human, elf or dwarf, then confront and battle opponents in dungeons up to 100 stages deep, acquiring and upgrading new skills along the way. You end up getting rescued yourself by a shadowy figure known as the Elemental Knight, and have the opportunity to join the alliance society. From there, your journey begins.

Skilltree Saga Features:

– Motivating random elements
– Turn-based dueling
– Skilltree with numerous spells of the Elemental Knights
– Up to 100 level deep challenging dungeons

Check out there trailer to see some of the gameplay, but be advised that the interstitial texts are in German. Skilltree Saga is available from Google Play for a flat is available for $2.99, 2.99€ or £2.49 with no IAPs either.

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