Restore peace to Theria in Primal Legends, coming soon to Android

Primal Legends is a mashup of different game styles, that’s going to be released by Kobjo in the near future. The game is set in the tranquil land of Theria, where peace reigned util the fateful day when the Stones of Power fell from the sky. Sadly for the animal inhabitants of Theria, these stones corrupted them, causing chaos to ensue.

Players will be tasked with rolling this tide back, by building an army that is suitable to the task of restoring order to the world. Players will need to recruit different heroes, and mix and match their roster to find useful ways to combine their differing abilities. For example, some heroes deal direct damaged, while others might protect soliers, while yet more will heal damaged units. These heroes can also be leveled up and their abilities improved, so players can balance when to summon their powers, versus when to let the minions take on the enemy forces.

Primal Legends Features:

– Epic adventure: Persevere through the trials of Theria in over 150 levels.
– Incredible duels: Challenge players from around the world in real-time PvP modes.
– Deck building: Adapt your strategy and build the strongest army. Evolve your heroes to unleash their full potential!
– Innovative core gameplay: Easy to learn, but hard to master – using a blend of both classic Match-3 and collectible card game mechanics.
– Many heroes to discover: Meet the latest heroes and learn about their powers!

All told, there are more than fifty of these heroes found within Primal Legend. The gameplay, as was touched on earlier, is a cross between Match-3, a trading card game, and turn-based combat. There are 150 different levels within the game, as well as eight different modes of play available. The game will also feature live PvP as well.

At this point, we know that the game will be free to play, with optional IAPs included as well. On the other hand, there’s no set release date right now, so the trailer will have to tide us over in the mean time.

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