Retrieve your missing young ones in Lunata Rescue, now out on Google Play

Released by Insignia Games, Lunata Rescue is a new platformer for Android. In this game, players will assume the role of a small insect, eponymously named Lunata. Unfortunately for Lunata’s colony, wasps have invaded at the behest of the evil queen Donatella, and performed a good bit of baby snatching.

Thus, it is incumbent upon Lunata (and the player) to go forth into the wile to rescue the missing young. The game isn’t a conventional, old school patformer where players move exclusively from left to right, but instead must navigate in multiple directions, in the hopes of finding the abducted baby insects. This game also features hand drawn art.

Lunata Rescue Features:

– Beautiful handcrafted platform game.
– 5 cartoon style unique maps.
– Explore the maze-like environment  to rescue the treehoppers.
– 4 challenging game modes.
– Collect insignias for your achievements.

The game also includes four different game modes, that range from Campaign, Rush, Nightmare and Hardcore. Players can also collect what are called “insignias” for their achievements.  Lunata Rescue can be found on Google Play for free, with optional IAPs as well. Before download this game, you can always check out the trailer for it with the video below.

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