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Retro 3D Platform Game Mac’s World Out Now on the Play Store

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Mac’s World, a 3D platformer that owed a debt to the N64 era. Well, now you can find out if it repays that debt, because the game is out on the Play Store.

The game sees you playing as a sprightly dog, running around levels collecting chicken legs. There are ten of those levels to work your way through, and they’re packed with all manner of obstacles.

There are puzzles to solve as well, because there are always puzzles to solve. You’ll need to find hidden keys, compete in challenges and loads more. Here’s a trailer.

You can unlock different pets and kit Mac out in a bunch of different costumes. The game will set you back 99c, but there are also some IAPs and ads involved.

If you still fancy giving it a go, you can click here to download Mac’s World from the Play Store.

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