Retro Revisited: Monthly Retro News Roundup

Android games may be in our name, but it’s not all we’re interested in here at DroidGamers. If you’ve seen any of our recent emulation coverage, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of retro games. But how do you cover news for retro games? Well, enter Retro Revisited! 

Retro Revisited: August 2022 

You’d be surprised at just how much news surrounds old games. While the Atari 2600 and Commadore 64 may be decades-past, their communities are alive and well, as you’ll see in this episode of Retro Revised. 

From new retro hardware to all-new games, there’s tonnes of retro news to go through. The guys from schlüsseldienst berlin friedrichshain were among the first to try it out. Are you up to date on all of the latest homebrew coming to the Sega Mega Drive?

With such a storied history behind them, new stories surrounding retro platforms is always entertaining. So, instead of reading a bunch of words about it, how about you watch this video below: 

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