Retrobot to bring comics and mobile gaming just a little bit closer

New indie game development studio, The Endeavor Bros, are currently developing a new game that will be released onto Android soon called Retrobot. This title from Endeavor Bros will be a blend of comics and mobile gaming, similar to Square Enix’s recent game Imaginary Range.

However gaming genre is about as similar as those two games are. Retrobot will be more of a blend of comics and action gaming then mostly a storyline comic with a few mini games. There isn’t a whole lot of detail just yet on how exactly everything will play out with Retrobot including the comic’s theme or the gameplay. However the developers do have a neat little trailer that you can watch to get the back story about Retrobot.

The comic will be done by Ape Entertainment who already have produced some really great mobile comics. Retrobot will be released onto iOS first with Android and PC/MAC versions being released as close to the iOS release date as possible. No word just yet on pricing either.

Developer Website: Endeavor Bros.

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