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Android Port Of Return To Monkey Island Arrives

Feature image for our Return To Monkey Island Android release. It shows an in-game screen of two undead pirates in a cave.

The adventure game Return To Monkey Island Android release just dropped, and now gamers on our favorite platform get to take to the high seas in some piratical adventure. Or, more likely, get stuck on a few puzzles. Such is the nature of point-and-click adventure games!

Guybrush Threepwood is back, though perhaps at a bit of a loose end since the previous entries to the series. Elaine Marley turned her attention to other things, Melee Island fell into chaos, and Stan ran into some trouble with the law. Guybrush still hasn’t found the secret of Monkey Island, either.

A New Adventure

Regardless, there’s plenty of adventure out there. There are puzzles you need to solve and lots of colorful characters to interact with and try to influence to do what you want.

The Monkey Island series is one of the iconic names in the adventure game genre. It’s one that kicked off all the way back in the nineties, and the installment prior to Return came out in 2009.

An Epic Journey To Release

The road to Return To Monkey Island was quite a journey, as it saw Monkey Island return to the hands of two of its original writers, Ron Gilbert, and David Grossman. Gilbert and Grossman initially worked on the game at LucasArts, alongside Tim Schafer, now of Double Fine.

LucasArts retained the rights to the series, so it was some time before the stars realigned and Gilbert’s studio, Terrible Toybox, got the go-ahead from Disney, who now owns LucasArts, to work on the title.

The development was definitely not without controversy, as the game’s big art style change provoked some fairly negative reactions from some of the community prior to its launch. Regardless of the naysayers, the title went on to receive a PC Game Of The Year award at the Golden Joysticks last year.

If this kind of piratical adventure sounds like your speed, you can check out Return To Monkey Island Android release here on Google Play.

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