Reverse: 1999 Is ‘Topping’ The Charts In China With An Exclusive Pizza Hut Collab!

featured image for our news on Reverse: 1999 China x Pizza Hut. it features Regulus, Matilda, and Erza Theodore having pizzas in a Pizza Hut retail.

Looks like a crossover with all the good stuff-ing is going to drop soon in China. It’s the Reverse: 1999 China x Pizza Hut collaborations that’s about to drop for the Chinese servers. Bluepoch, the publishers of the game, is all set to bring three of the most popular characters of the game into Pizza Hut’s world. Who are they and what else is going down? Keep reading to find out!

Gather ‘Round The Good Stuff In Reverse: 1999 China x Pizza Hut

The three characters who’re going to share a slice of pizza and life with you during this collab are Regulus, Matilda, and Erza Theodore. If you’re thinking of chowing down on a Pizza Hut meal in China, picking specific set meals will score you cool Reverse: 1999 merch. The list includes stuff like badges, special laser tickets and uniquely designed tableware.

You can put your order in early starting from April 29th. Keep it in mind though; you’ve only got until May 8th to do that. The main launch of Reverse: 1999 China x Pizza Hut collab kicks off right after, running from May 9th through June 8th, 2024. Currently, there’s no buzz about whether this collab will roll out to game versions outside China, so the wait is on for now.

If you swing for the Matilda-themed set, you’ll snag ‘The Great Taste Investigator’ skin for her. It’s a special collaboration skin that could make your play a bit more flavourful. Also, certain Pizza Hut spots will morph to fit the Reverse: 1999 vibe, complete with standee characters for an immersive touch.

Even if you can’t make it over to China, you can still grab a slice of the action with the collaboration emote set they’ve released in the game. Eager to see the Reverse: 1999 China x Pizza Hut action? Catch a glimpse in this Reddit post.

So, whether you’re in China or not, grab Reverse: 1999 from the Google Play Store. This strategic RPG hasn’t slowed down since its October release, conquering charts in over 160 countries with a ton of downloads.

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