Rhythm Fighter Out Now on the Play Store

Rhythm Fighter has been kicking – quite literally – around on a bunch of other platforms for a while, now. But Android players have finally got the chance to give it a go – because it’s just landed on the Play Store.

The game is all about kicking, punching and blocking in time to the beat. There are shades of other games here – perhaps most notably Crypt of the Necrodancer – but Rhythm Fighter adds its own twists and unique mechanics.

It looks gorgeous, too, all cartoon graphics and over-exaggerated ouchies. There’s a roguelike thrust to the experience, with randomly generated levels packed full of surprises. Trailer? Trailer.

As you fight you’ll collect different weapons, skills and items that are going to make every run different. There are a bunch of different characters to choose from as well, so everything is nice and fresh.

Rhythm Fighter is a premium game, and it’ll set you back $2.99 to give it a go. If that’s something you fancy doing, you can click here to download Rhythm Fighter from the Play Store.

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