Ripoff Birds Flocks to the Google Play Store

Ripoff Birds is a new physics-based game featuring birds in what seems to be forming into a genre of its own; mobile bird games. This one takes a jab at other bird games that have ripped off other games while offering in the description’s words “truly original *cough* gameplay.”

In Ripoff Birds, your goal is to keep the Looping Brothers in the air and not hit the Ripoff Birds. The Looping Brothers rotate around the circle the Ripoff Birds sit on, you tap springs to push them back up into the air and away from the Birds.

As a group of four birds, the Ripoff Birds parody four different games:

– from a “Crush the Castle” ripoff: Furious Bird
– from a “Wavespark” ripoff: Little Wings
– from a “Piou Piou vs. Cactus” ripoff: Floppy Bird
– from a rip-off of a “Piou Piou vs. Cactus” ripoff: Mr. Flop

A free game, Ripoff Birds is available now off of Google Play. If anything you can enjoy the humor in this one.

Google Play Link: Ripoff Birds

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