Rivals at War multiplayer combat game gets its first major update

Hothead Games has just pushed the first major update to their multiplayer combat game called Rivals at War. While this is the first major update for the game, all it brings is a good selection of translated languages to Rivals at War, we really are not focusing on that. In fact we aren’t going to focus on the update at all.

That is because we didn’t even know this game existed until Hothead Games sent out their press release talking about how Rivals at War has finally been released. In reality, this game was released a few weeks ago quietly onto the Google Play store. Perhaps this update marks its ‘official’ release, we are not too sure. What we are sure about is that you will want to try this game out if you’re a fan of multiplayer combat games.

Rivals at War Features:

– Battle across four different combat scenarios, each with its own 3D battlefield and military mission.
– Assemble your troop, choosing from 6 unique soldier types – Commander, Sniper, Saw Gunner, Breacher, Radioman and Medic.
– Power-up skill perks to enhance the Accuracy, Speed, Damage, Defense and Health abilities of your soldiers.
– Unlock new soldiers with better weapons, guns and skills to improve your team’s combat assault rating.
– Customize your team with different camouflage uniforms, headgear, and team badges.
– Select powerful tactics cards to tip each battle in your favor.
– 45 achievements to complete that unlock more special rewards.
– Command your elite team to global domination.

However, don’t get all excited thinking you’ll be running around shooting a bunch of other people in the face, or even controlling any of your elite forces in an RTS fashion instead. You won’t be controlling anyone actually. What you will be doing is putting together your team, training and equipping them, before sending them out into battle. Once the battle starts, you just sit back and watch the action unfold in 3D rendered visuals. Based on how well you’ve trained and equipped your troops, they will either be victorious or dead.

Rivals at War is definitely a unique little combat game with a bit of a twist to the whole multiplayer combat genre. For those of you wanting to give this game a whirl, downloading Rivals at War will cost you nothing to do.

Google Play Link: Rivals at Wars

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