Roadmap for nVidia’s Tegra 4 chipset leaked, follows the path of previous chipsets

We have talked about nVidia’s next generation of the Tegra series of chipsets a few times already and now we have a leaked roadmap of when we can expect to see the Tegra 4 to land in Android device. Along with that, we also now know that it will be sporting the same 4-plus-1 quad-core structure with ARM Cortex A15s instead of A9s.

Along with the upgrade to the A15, we also know that the Tegra 4 could also be sporting the new Kepler GPU architecture which was just released in nVidia’s newest PC graphics card starting with the GTX 680. The chart, which was just leaked, also shows a device roll-out of Q1 2013 which follows right in with the previous timing of past Tegra-based devices. Both Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 devices ended up coming to consumers around the same time in previous years.

With the match-up of A15 and the Kepler GPU architecture, the Tegra 4 chipset will see a huge performance increase over previous Tegra-base chipsets along with less power consumption even though there is a substantial increase in performance. For those of you who got a Tegra 2 device when they first came out, your upgrade period should be coming up when the Tegra 4 is out which is great timing.

Website Referenced: VR Zone via Droid-Life

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