Rocket Rewards And Game-Mode Comeback In Rocket League Sideswipe Season 11

red car on the left and blue car on the right appear to be heading to collide for the central grey ball which has the bold rocket league sideswipe logo on it.

Rev your engines as the hybrid vehicle soccer game Rocket League races in with their Season 11 Sideswipe update that dropped yesterday. With plenty of new ways to experience the game in this release, let’s waste no time zooming into the details.

To get the soccer ball rolling let’s drive straight into the shop rotation. As with every season, we see some fresh new themed bits of kit for you to show off with. With the new cyberpunk Cobalt Takumi Car, and the ever-so-sweet Forest Green Dunker Goal Explosion. Or, if you prefer things a little more ancient, there is the all-new funky Purple Afterlife Dominus Decal.

Rocket Rewards

Ready…Set….GO! The Rocket Pass also got its refresh with tons of seasonal challenges to race through. Don’t miss the action as there are thousands of XP up for grabs, as well as plenty of SP and tokens to earn from your daily rewards. With the season going live yesterday there’s still time to catch up.

Kick off with the Season 11 rewards too which will be awarded at the end of the season. These flashy avatars proudly show off your skill for all other players to behold and will be determined based on your peak rank. I’m personally a massive fan of the 6th-tier avatar. Don’t forget that these are only available for this season, meaning they are exclusive avatars!

Ranked 3×3 Is Back!

Half-time! Let’s switch sides and cover the more exciting drop from this season which is the grand return of the Rocket League mode where it all began – The Ranked 3×3 mode. Challenge your ability to commit to teamwork as you take on the super-jumbo Longfield Arena. 

6 players split into two teams of 3 and boost their way around the arena to score. This game mode is great for players who want to touch up on their dribbling and passing skills as the long area gives you plenty of ground to cover.

Boost your way on over to the Rocket League Website if you want to know more about the Rocket League Sideswipe Season 11 release and download the game (It’s free-to-play by the way!).

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