An Epic, Epic Fail? The Disappointing Rocket League x ATLA Collaboration Speculation Leaks

The image shows a rocket league background with two vehicles rushing towards a large ball. Obstructing the view of the ball is a PNG of Aang from ATLA in a crouched pose facing the viewer

According to a notorious Rocket League leaker on Twitter, SamLeakss, Rocket League fans can expect a crossover with ATLA (Avatar The Last Airbender) soon. This Rocket League x ATLA crossover has divided the player base. Some gamers are excited to see ATLA, an older franchise, receive a breath of fresh air. However, other players think Rocket League are relying too much on collaborations to stay relevant.

The leak itself doesn’t share much other than a PNG of the main cast from ATLA with the captioning “EXCLUSIVE: Rocket League X Avatar is happening soon!“. So, is it actually a leak, or just speculation? Well, considering a confirmed leak for a Fortnite x ATLA collaboration is underway, it’s safe to assume ATLA hasn’t kicked the relevancy bucket just yet, and both collaborations could be released simultaneously across their respective IP.

Is This An Epic, Epic Fail?

Where this leak was originally sourced on Reddit, it was tagged as a confirmed leak. Though, take this whole ordeal with a grain of salt. Until Epic or Rocket League lets upcoming footage slip, it’s more of a speculation. Since Epic took over the Rocket League IP, they have unveiled numerous crossover events. So, an ATLA collab isn’t a farfetched idea.

Redditors have united in slamming Rocket League for this decision if true. Not because of any distaste towards the ATLA franchise. But because with each crossover, players feel the game loses some of the charm. Plenty of comments under the subReddit discuss how Rocket League has shifted its focus over the years, and that no amount of crossovers will return the spark the title once had.

A large portion of the remaining player base for Rocket League joined in wishing the game would release new game modes and smoother updates. Instead, players are potentially met with a novel Appa Car that would be released in this crossover event. Or perhaps even an air scooter ball! Either way, the disappointment seems to commonly lie within tasteless crossovers that push core features of the game out with each event.

Rocket League X ATLA

Regardless of if you’re an avid fan of Rocket League, or on the side of disappointment. An ATLA collaboration is definitely a fun franchise to explore. Or maybe I’m biased as a long-time fan of the series. (Who was also severely disappointed in every live-action we have ever received for ATLA).

Until we know for certain if this crossover is happening, you can get a head start and download Rocket League from the Play Store! Whilst that’s downloading, why not check out some of our other news from today? Vampire Survivors Gets An Anti-P2W Twist In Twinworld Survivor.

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