Rocket Weasel launches exclusively on Amazon’s App Store for right now

There is a new physics-based puzzle game that has just exclusively launched onto the Amazon App Store called Rocket Weasel by Freeze Tag. The goal of this game is to outsmart the evil farmer and free the little weasels who have been captured.

The game mechanics are somewhat similar to that of Angry Birds as you will be shooting your weasel, who has strapped a rocket onto his back, through the stage to hit the cages of the trapped weasels. You also will be trying to eat as many chickens as possible while doing this which is done by shooting yourself at an angle where you can grab them all and save the young weasels at the same time.

Rocket Weasel Features:

– Enjoy a physics-based puzzler for the whole family
– Free weasels from the farmer’s traps
– Progress through 64 levels of rocket-flying, crate-crashing fun
– Eat as many chickens as you can for high scores
– Meet an array of colorful characters on your journey

Just like in other similar physics-based games, you will be crashing through all sorts of items likes crates in order to accomplish your goal each stage in saving the young weasels. This is a pretty standard type of physics-based game but the theme of it is pretty fun. Each level gets a little more challenging than the last one. You do have different rockets that you can use though depending on the situation.

So if you are up for some physics-based gameplay and have access to the Amazon App Store, then you can pick up Rocket Weasel for $1.99. You can check out the trailer for the game below. No word yet on when it will land on the Android Market.

Amazon Market Link: Rocket Weasel

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