Rockhead Games Delivers the Fun in Starlit Adventures Now Available in the Play Store

Rockhead Games is an indie development studio that is based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The studio was started by two game industry veterans. Their game Starlit Adventures, just became available for Android/iOS. I recently downloaded the game and started playing it. This is what I can tell you with my brief time with the game… install it now! The game is fun, engaging and a beauty to behold.

I have been waiting for Starlit Adventures to release for a while. We have not previously done a story on the game, but I knew it would be one that we would want to cover. It has that classic DigDug feel to it with graphics and story maxed out to level ten. The game is fun to play, and when it comes down to it, that is what you really want. This isn’t a review, but we want to tell you that this a game you want to check out, or at the very minimum, add it to your wish list.

“Starlits are kind, star-nosed creatures. each one has a Sibling Star in the sky, and as long as they are shining bright, every Starlit is happy. To make sure everything remains peaceful, the inseparable Bo and Kikki work as Starkeepers at the lighthouse, where Kikki’s Sibling Star lights the sky. One day though, the evil Nuru steals all the stars from the sky and hides them around the world, bringing sadness to the Starlits. Now, Bo and Kiki must go on an epic adventure to return them to the sky!” – Rockhead Games

The game boasts some amazing visuals and super-easy controls. The goal is to collect the three stars that are placed throughout the levels. You start at the top of your screen (The game is played in portrait mode.) and you try to make your way to the bottom. You basically have to dig through the earth, and push boulders, crystals or other obstacles, to make your way to the end of the level. There are plenty of enemies that try to stop you along the way. The good thing is that over time you acquire different suits with weapons to aid you in quelling your foes.

The controls are basically tap left to move left, and tap right to move right. You also tap the middle button which allows you to dig downward. Once you acquire new suits with different weapons, you tap above the line, to fire the arrow from your bow, or dropping bombs. The controls work flawlessly, and there is little to no learning curve as it relates to the controls. You can hop right into the game, to start having fun across the myriad of levels in the game.

Starlit Adventures Features:

  • Console quality content for a memorable experience.
  • Lots of levels in 8 worlds, each one with new challenges!
  • Unlock all suits with unique special powers and play in different ways!
  • Otherworldly bosses guard the end of each world and will do anything to stop you.
  • Rich visuals, beautiful story and unique characters.
  • Sticker album to complete and trade stickers with your friends!
  • Great controls specially designed for touchscreen.
  • Rank against your friends by collecting all treasures and making insane combos!
  • Visit the infinite Tower and try and go farther than your friends.
  • Open up challenges and unlock many more levels!
  • Sync your save game progress on any device using Facebook login.

As I mentioned before, the artwork/graphics in the game are quite impressive. What I like about it is that the level design is varied and the color palette continues to change. The in-game enemies continue to change, but they are adorable in their own way. The whole feel of the game just seems spot on from the level design, controls, story and music. This is a game your whole family can enjoy playing.

Starlit Adventures is free to play. The in-app purchases are used for lives. You have five hearts that serve as your lives in the game. If you die, you have to wait until your hearts replenish. The wait seems a bit long, as it appears to be about fourteen minutes for each heart. However, at the end of the levels, you are awarded energy bonuses that allow you to gain hearts more quickly. There are in-game achievements and save game progress through Facebook. I would prefer using Google Game Play Services rather than Facebook. Hopefully it will be added in an update.

Overall, Starlit Adventures has been a blast to play so far. I am looking forward to playing it more through the weekend. If you choose to download it, let us know what you think in the comments. Rockhead Games is a studio that we should keep our eyes on. They  seem to have the right formula that mixes good fun and great game play together in one colorful package.


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