Rockstar Games puts most of their games on sale for a limited time

Rockstar Games, the outfit behind Grand Theft Auto, among other popular franchises, has a good amount of those games released onto Android. They have put most of them on sale, namely the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as the Android version of Max Payne. With the former, players get to assume the role of an outlaw, spreading mayhem all over their city like a proper criminal should.

With the latter, players assume the eponymous role of Max Payne, a cop whose family gets killed and this causes him to cross over into vigilante mode, working outside the law. So if you’re getting an itch to cross legal boundaries in your video games, you can do so for good or ill by checking out either the Grand Theft Auto franchise or Max Payne.

Max Payne on Android

All of their games are marked down at least 33%, to as much as 57% off their normal prices. No word on when this sale will end so if you’re missing a game or two from the GTA series, now’s a good time to snap it up.

Google Play: Rockstar Games Sale

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