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Rogue Hearts is a modern version of the original Rogue

Rogue Hearts Android

Lots of games claim to be roguelikes, but few actually resemble the original Rogue. That game launched back in 1980 for Unix platforms, and was a top down dungeon crawler.

There was a lot of depth for a game that looks like it existed in a text editor.  You’d explore a dungeon made up of various rooms, battling monsters, collecting items, and levelling up. If you died, it was game over.

Rogue Hearts actually emulates Rogue, out now on Android

Fast forward to 2018, and there’s a whole genre of games claiming to be like Rogue. Really though, all a lot of them share in common is the perma death. Many of them don’t even have a top down view or levelling system!

That’s where Rogue Hearts comes in though. It’s out right now on Android, and is only interested in imitating Rogue. It’s top down, features levelling, and has you exploring a variety of dungeons.

Well, the term dungeon is liberal here. It might be a forest, castle, or an actual dungeon. Go and find out for yourself if you like it on Google Play right now.

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