Roguelike Lamplight has gone completely free on Android

Lamplight Android

The turn-based roguelike Lamplight has just gone completely free on Android. We really mean free as well – there are no IAPs, ads, or any other freemium nasties here.

You play as a wizard-like character that has to make its way from room to room searching for enemies in the darkness. Find one and you’ll have to defeat it using your magic lamp.

Lamplight is an intriguing roguelike that you can play for free

As you defeat monsters, you’ll upgrade your powers. That’s important, as you’ll regularly have to face bosses that will really test your abilities.

Overall, there’s a wide variety of content on offer here. You’ve got 80 different layouts, six bosses to defeat, and 30 items you can use to upgrade your character.

So if you really like roguelikes, you’ve got nothing to lose by checking out Lamplight. It’s literally completely free on Google Play right now.

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