Rooms 2 and Defense Technical spotted on an LG Optimus G

While checking out the LG booth at CES 2013 and checking out some of the mobile devices on display there we happened to spot two new games that are currently not available right now on Google Play. These two games are called Rooms 2 and Defense Technical and happen to look quite good.

Rooms 2 is a sliding puzzle game that is fully animated. Each level you will be presented with a selection of rooms that you’ll need to slide around the playing field, fitting them together so your little character can safely exit that particular floor and move onto the next. Some rooms are locked and you’ll need to find items like keys to unlock them before you can move them around.

You will also need to line up things like ladders for your little character to climb up into the adjacent room. Overall Rooms 2 looks like a pretty entertaining and challenge puzzle game. We are not sure when it will arrive onto the Google Play store but we can guess it won’t be too long from now since the version we played was complete.

Technical Defense is completely different from Rooms 2. This is a tower defense game, rendered with some pretty slick 3D visuals and is set in a futuristic world. You’ll only have certain areas where you can play your defense towers, which there are many different types to choose, in order to protect your base.

You enemies in this game are mostly flying space ships attacking your base from what we’ve seen playing Defense Technical. While the gameplay might not be groundbreaking in a lot of ways, Defense Technical is definitely one of the better looking tower defense games visually that we’ve seen in awhile. No word on when this will be publicly available either.

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